Stand up Paddleboarding Lessons

Stand up Paddleboarding or SUP  is either the newest or the oldest kid on the watersports block -depending on which way you look at it. With roots that predate surfing as we know it, SUP has technically been around since ancient Polynesian times. In more recent years, SUP has made a resurgence with people of all ages, sizes and ability levels enjoying this great sport.

‘Surf the Bay’ offer a number of SUPing options starting with the most popular beginner Lesson/Tour’ and ‘ SUP Fit Classes’ to the more advanced ‘SUP Surfing Lessons’ and anything in between. ‘Surf the Bay’ is also ‘Hire’ for those who want to do it themselves or those who have prior experience. One of the main Advantages of SUP over other watercraft is the higher vantage point that allows you to see straight down into the water, thus cutting glare and making it much easier to see what lies beneath. Great for observing marine life!

Beginner Lesson/Tour

Learn the Basics: Safety, How to Stand, Paddle, Stop and Turn. These are run in a number of our beautiful flat water (rivers, inlets, lakes and creeks)  locations around Batemans Bay, Broulee and Narooma. See fish, crabs, stingrays, birds and maybe even a seal or two.

Flat Water Tours

Explore lakes or rivers, inlets and creeks on a guided tour. See fish, crabs, stingrays, birds and maybe even a seal or two.

SUP Fit Classes

SUP is an increasingly popular way of keeping fit, and improving core-stability – It’s a great workout, and great fun at the same time. These classes can be tailored to suit the individual or group. Get a group of friends together for a one-off or book in a weekly session and ditch your gym membership!

Open Water Tours

(Must have some SUP experience)

For  the more adventurous SUPer who wants to explore the foreshores of the beautiful Batemans Marine Park and all that it has to offer. Paddle around the bays, beaches and rock ledges in search of fish, stingrays, seals, dolphins and even whales!

Surf SUP Lessons

(Must have prior surf/SUP experience)

Learn how to catch waves, stay on waves and turn your board.

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Surf & Standup Paddle Lessons - You will learn techniques, safety tips and the surf etiquette you need to get you confidently surfing the waves.

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